Annual Fund Update and a Gift-giving idea!

gift box (400x399)Thank you very much to all who have donated to the annual fund. So far, we have raised $25,000. Our goal is $40,000. Here are some ideas if you haven’t given or want to give more:

1. Make a one-time donation to the annual fund. We are encouraging donations of $250/student for the school year. You can mail or drop off a check to the Orca PTSA, or donate on-line by clicking the “Donate” button on this page.

2. Sign up for monthly direct withdrawal by going to the same place: click the “Donate” button on this page.

3. Gifts! The winter holidays are coming up. We know not everyone celebrates these holidays. However, if you do, and if gift-giving is part of your tradition, consider asking friends and family to donate to Orca K-8 instead of buying stuff. Again, donations can be mailed to Orca or made on-line. Another idea is to ask family and friends to donate to Orca on your child/ren’s birthday.


PTSA Fundraising Team
(If you have questions about fundraising, contact Sabranie Coyne, Orca PTSA Fundraising Coordinator,, 206-618-1280)


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