Answers about the best ever Orca K-8 Fun Run

When is the Orca K-8 Fun Run?   Saturday, April 6 at Seward Park at 9:20AM.

What is the route for the run/walk?  It will start near Shelter 2.  Then head counter-clockwise along the lower loop.  There will be a well marked turn around point at the north beach.  Make sure to get your hand stamped at the turn around.  The finish line is the same as the starting line.

 Why aren’t we running the lower loop at Seward Park?   This route is much safer because it does not go through the parking lot, on roads or across driveways.  It is all on the loop trail.

 How far is the run/walk?  It will be about 4 kilometers or 2.5 miles.  (this is a new and more accurate estimate)

 I don’t know if I can run that far?  You are welcome to walk the route.  There’s no rush!

 Will there be a training run prior to the event?  Yes, please join us for a training run on Saturday March 30 at 9:30AM.  We will meet at Shelter 2 at Seward Park.  It will be the same route as the actual Orca K-8 Fun Run.

 When should I get to Shelter 2 at Seward Park on April 6?  Registration starts at 9:20.  Please plan on being there in time to park, register and listen to the pre-event musical entertainment provided by our very own Mr. Anthony.

 When does the run start? Before you run, you will need to sign in.  Sign in closes at 9:55AM and there could be long lines.  The run starts at 10AM  (please see answer to above question).  Don’t be late!

 Where is the closest parking to Shelter 2?  There is parking on the south east side of Seward park.   You will need to walk east on the loop trail to get to Shelter 2.  Please consider alternate modes of transportation to get to the park as parking for cars is limited.

 Where is Shelter 2 (at Seward Park)?  It is on the south side of the park.  (Further east of the play structure).

Is there a fee to run/walk?  There is no entrance fee.  However, we do have a suggested donation of $5-15 per participant (for everyone besides Orca students- Orca students have done enough in their fundraising to support the PTSA in this event).

How do I fundraise for this event? Ask your family, friends and neighbors to support you and your favorite school, Orca K-8, in this PTSA fundraising event.  It benefits the general PTSA fund and the PE Department.  Fundraising envelopes are due by Monday April 1st.

 How do I record online donations? We are happy your peeps are taking advantage of this new donation opportunity.  Please feel free to add your online donations to your fundraising envelopes.  Please mark them as an “online donation” so we are not searching for the funds in the envelope.  We will reconcile your paperwork with the online data. We will make sure your class gets credit for those donations!

 My company does matching donations.  Great, we love getting free money!  Please record the matching funds on your fundraising envelope.  Please list the company name and provide any other info we need to acquire the matching gift.

  My friends who don’t go to Orca want to run, are they invited?  YES, everyone is welcome!  You can even have your friend’s participant donation go towards your class’s fundraising goals.  Can’t you taste that ice cream now?  Simply put their donation in your fundraising envelope OR have them tell our lovely registration volunteers the name and class of the Orca student they would like their donation to support.

How do I pre register for the Orca K-8 Fun Run?  You are not able to pick up bib numbers before the day of the event.  However, if you would like to pre-pay the suggested donation of $5-15 per participant you can do so by adding that donation to the Orca student’s Fundraising Packet.   Please mark that donation clearly on the fundraising envelope.

How do I get counted for class/grade participation for the great participation prizes? Make sure you go to the Orca student registration table at Shelter two to sign in on April 6th.  You will receive a bib number to affix to the front of your shirt.  Write your name and bib number on the appropriate class/grade clipboard.   If students don’t sign in on the day of the race and/or if you are too late to pick up a bib number they will not be included in the participation count for your class.

How do I register as a team? We’re happy that you have formed a team!  No need to register any differently.  Have fun running together and cheering each other on!

What if I miss the April 1st deadline, can I still turn in my donations?  YES,  We will accept any of your donations.  Please get them all in by April 6 so the funds count towards your class fundraising.

What if I have turned in my fundraising envelope but then collect more donations?  We will accept any of your donations.  Please get them all in by April 6 so the funds count towards your class fundraising.  Feel free to submit those donations in any envelope.

What is the fundraising goal for this PTSA fundraising event?   The goal is to raise $10,000

 Can I still buy t-shirts? We will have some extra shirts that will be available for sale on April 6th.

I’m not on the Fun Run Committee, can I still volunteer for this event?  Yes, please contact Becky at for volunteer opportunities.

Will there be wave starts?  Yes, fast runners will start in the first wave.  Second wave will be joggers and the final and third wave will be walkers.  They will start one minute apart.

Can I ride my scooter on the run?  Kids who are in kindergarten or younger are welcome to be on wheels.  Please make sure they know the rules of the road and are respectful of other participants and park goers.

Are stroller allowed?   Yes, please be respectful of other participants and park goers.

Will there be food available after the run? Yes, there will be a healthy snacks provided by PCC and Franz bakery to all the participants after the run/walk.

Will there be water to drink during the run?  Water will be available before and after the run.  Feel free to bring your own water bottle if you would like to drink water on the route

I want to wear a costume.  Great!  Get creative!  Costumes always make events more fun!  Better yet, get your whole team to wear costumes!

Are there any prizes?  Yes!  There will be a free drawing to win great prizes from one of our sponsors, Road ID.  (Winners must submit entry and must be present to win).

 Also, the class that raises the most money will get an ice cream party.  The K-5 class with the highest participation will get a Flying Squirrel Pizza Party.  The middle school grade with the highest participation will get a Bent Burger catered school lunch burger party.  The  Road ID raffle (free entrance but need to be present to win) and  participation and fundraising class prizes

Where are the nearest bathrooms? There are restrooms just east of Shelter 2 close to the start and finish line.  There are also restrooms at the north beach close to our turn around.

When will all of the Fun Run festivities be over? The event will end at 11:30.  D.J. Mr Anthony will be spinning records until then.

Really, you still have more questions?  Please feel free to contact Becky at


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