How can you help get donations?

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We need ALL ORCA PARENTS to help get donations! Here’s what you can do……

1. Get a procurement form.  You can find the form online here or pick up a printed copy in the bookcase outside the Orca office. They also went home in kids’ backpacks the first week of March.

2. Find a  business who is willing and able to donate, or come up with a donation your family can provide!   Businesses are often more than happy to donate; it’s a tax write off for them, and great exposure! Ideas include restaurants, cafes, toy stores, book stores, massage therapists, car repair shops, candy stores, museums, theaters, hair cutting salons, and the like. Get creative! Some families have a cabin or vacation home they can offer up for a weekend, and this is a great seller. Other families have a special talent — home repair services, cooking skills, photography services, or anything they can offer up in exchange for a donation to our school.

3. Fill out the form and turn it in (along with the actual donation or gift certificate) to Orca. Donations and forms due APRIL 4, 2014.  There is a box in the main office labeled “Auction Donations”. You may also contact one of the auction team members and they can help arrange a pick up or drop off. Have a wine bottle to donate? (We need wine for our wine raffle!) These can not be left on school grounds; please contact Jeff McDowell at Other team members who can help with procurements include: Liz Dryfoos (, Angela Deppe ( or Dawn Artis (

4.  Consider making a cash donation directly to the school if you do not feel you can procure donations directly.  You can make a direct cash donation using the same link used to purchase tickets:

5. Come to the auction!  May 3 at South Seattle Community College. Grown ups only!  Tickets can be bought here:

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