Maidi’s class raffle item picture here!!

A lovely garden pole, with tiles hand made by the kids. A great addition to any garden, or donate it back to the Orca garden!! garden pole


Don’t forget to buy your tickets!!

Last day to order tickets online is today, April 23rd. IT’S SO EASY to buy them online… Check it out!


Raffle Item – Maidi’s class

There is currently no information about this item, please check back, we will post information when it becomes available.

Raffle Item – Team A

Handmade Tea Light Covers made in collaboration between the adults and the students in Room 101 & 102.  There are glass bases which the shades go on, with a battery powered Tea Light inside, altogether as a set.  Raffle Tickets for this item will be available at the Auction.


Raffle Item – Ms. Rock’s class

The auction item for Room 201 is a Breakfast Set, including 4 Plates and 4 mugs, lovingly decorated with Monsters drawn by our own little monsters.


Raffle Item – Ms. Prinzing’s class

The kids in Room 205 explored Onomatopoeias.  Onomatopoeia is a word that phonetically imitates or suggests the source of the sound that it describes; think “zap” “bang” or “smash.”  Each child chose a word and collaged them into their own personal box using bright primary colors.  Each box was then secured together to create the appearance of a comic sketch.  This piece could be yours with the purchase of a lucky raffle ticket!


Raffle Item – Phi-Ho’s class

A Portrait Poster by Phi Ho’s Class

Phi Ho’s class has been working on simple self portrait illustrations, and Phi Ho is working with the class writing a poem about happiness. The finished piece will be a framed poster of the kids self portraits trimming the poem that the children will collaborate to write together. No photo has been provided, please check back and we will post one when it is available.